Golfing in Thuringia

thueringenKnown as the "green heart" of Germany Thuringia offers (among other outdoor activities) the most famous and oldest hiking track (168km!), the "Rennsteig".

In addition, the Free State reviles with the famous "Thüringer Bratwurst" (a majoram spiced fried sausage) a culinary record: the sausage was already mentioned in the year 1404.

Anyone who his interested in travelling through history, must do a stop-over at the Wartburg Castle (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). If you´re looking for traces of Goethe, Schiller or Bach, don´t forget to pay a tribute to a visit to the city of Weimar.

Also the active holiday maker comes in Thuringia at his expense: either as water sports fan on one of the many small dams or natural lakes, or in the winter sport resort Oberhof, which has “produced” some world and Olympic champions.

Thus, the Destination Thuringia not only attracts golf player with a varied landscape, but also with a cultural diversity and makes your holiday a unique experience.

Camping friends have a choice of over 30 campsites for a few relaxing days in the state of Thuringia.

Facts and figures

Population: 2.251 million inhabitants
Capital: Erfurt (about 204 000 inhabitants)
Number of golf courses: 2x 18-hole golf courses, 4 x 9-hole courses
Ratio Residents to golf course: about 375 200 people per golf course
Infrastructure: 1890 km of highways and 7620 km county roads, making it very easy access from all directions


Erfurt Airport ( IATA Code: ERF
Erfurt airport is the main airport of Thuringia and since the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama recognized as a major international airport.
Domestic destinations are: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Nuremberg. Those cities can be reached with Air Berlin.
International destinations e.g. Zurich, Milan, Brussels and Copenhagen are covered by airlines such as Lufthansa or Cirrus Airlines.

Leipzig-Altenburg Airport ( IATA code: AOC
The airport Leipzig-Altenburg Airport offers flights with the low-cost carrier Ryan Air with services to London, Barcelona and Alicante.
Other regional airports, which are mainly used by sports and hobby pilots:
Arnstadt, Eisenach, Gera, Jena, Weimar and Suhl

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