Schleswig Holstein


Schleswig Holstein, with his about 2.8 million Inhabitants, is the most northern holiday country in Germany and the only federal state which is situated between 2 seas (the North Sea and the Baltic Sea).

It offers an intact environment, unique sceneries, culinary lusciousness and a huge number of cultural attractions.

Enjoy the nature during your golf vacation on one of about 45 golf courses in Schleswig Holstein, or cycle on the dike, do a canoe tour, or while horseback riding.

On the endless and well manicured beaches of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea swim friends and solar adorers find a lot of place for recovering too. Also a hike by the watt can work well for your health.

The national park Schleswig-Holstein wadden sea is the biggest national park in Germany and is considered as the richest area in bird of Central Europe.
Besides, Schleswig - Holstein has about 300 lakes with a total area of 28,000 hectares, these are nearly 2% of the whole land surface. Also threatened animals, like the sea eagle, have become domestic in the country again.
Schleswig - Holstein disposes over well a developed streets net and railway net.
A firm Fehmarnbelt crossing via Bridge should connect in future not only Germany with Denmark, but be of benefit as a project in the centre of Europe for all EU states.

Schleswig Holstein offers not only a countless number of hotels, pensions and apartment houses, but also caters to the golfer who would like to connect camping and golf vacation: There is a choice of nearly 200 camping sites.

Facts and figures

Capital: Kiel

Number of golf courses: 31x 18-hole, 9x 27-hole and 5x 9-hole

Ratio golf course to inhabitant: approx. 62,000 inhabitants per golf course


  • More than 500 km of highway, thereby good connections from all directions (in particular Scandinavia)
  • Approx. 1400 km of railroad network
  • Approx. 1600 km of federal highways


Hamburg ( IATA Code: HAM

Very good connections to all domestic airports as well as to Scandinavia (Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki), to Holland (Amsterdam) and UK (London)

Airport Lübeck-Blankensee ( IATA Code: LBC

This airport offers flight connections to Frankfurt-Hahn, London-Stansted, Stockholm, Pisa and Glasgow (mostly operated by Ryan Air)

Airport of Sylt ( IATA Code: GWT

This airport offers flight connections too many domestic destinations (e.g., Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart etc.). . International flights are available to European destinations such as Vienna, Zurich and Billund (Denmark).

There are favorable flight fares available from e.g., Air Berlin ( and TUI Fly (

Airport Kiel ( IATA Code: KEL

There are regular flights from Cologne / Bonn as well as from Frankfurt / Main available.

Other regional airports which are suitable primarily for sports airmen and amateur airmen:

- Airfield Bordelum/Bredstedt (Tel. +49-4671-2653)

- Airfield Pellworm (Tel. +49-4844-325)

- Airfield Husum-Schwesing (

- Airfield Moor/Büsum (Tel. +49-4834-8585)

- Airfield St. Michaelisdonn (

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