sachsen_anhaltSaxony-Anhalt is known as the heartland of German history and as a treasure trove of culture, education. Tourists, who looks for cultural heritage, find it here in various fields.

In Luther's footsteps-the cradle of the Reformation in his native town of Eisleben, or with the thesis attacks in Wittenberg, a visit of the sites of the culture of the 16th. Century can form history into a new experience.

Nature lovers get their expense in "Wörlitzer Wonderland": Artistic highlights such as canals, bridges, temples, grottoes combine distinctive ornaments or beautiful things.

A light flair of the Tuscany unveils the “Unstrut Valley”, a wonderful landscape and traditional wine country, where 1500 hours of sun per year are making sure those grapes become wonderful wines.

Campers have a choice of 63 campsites (!).

Saxony-Anhalt still lacks of a big variety of golf courses, but those existing courses are still worth a visit and Saxony-Anhalt is a perfect stop-over destination on your way to e.g. Bavaria or Czech Republic.

Facts and figures

Population: 2.36 million inhabitants
Capital: Magdeburg (230 460 inhabitants)
Number of golf courses: 2x 9-hole course, 1x 18-hole course
Ratio Residents to golf course: about 786 670 people per golf course


Leipzig / Halle ( IATA code LEJ
The airport Leipzig / Halle is one of the few German airports that have a Railway train station and directly connected to the network of the German Federal Railway Company. Domestic destinations include Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich.

Direct flights in Europe go to e.g.: Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Mallorca or Rhodes.

Airport Magdeburg (

The Airport Magdeburg is primary uses as "Business Airport" for private and business aviation.

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