Golfing in Free State Saxony

sachsenSaxony, a world with over 1000 years of cultural history and natural beauty has always based its reputation on peaceful trade and economy, culture and spirit, so that the Saxon history rather shines with the famous blue swords of Meissen porcelain than by its military successes.

Let us take you to a country that is still similar to a kingdom by its magnificent castles, picturesque wine landscapes, or the mysterious production of the so called "white gold" (porcelain).

A feast that can compete with any comparison in Europe provides the capital of the state – Dresden: with its world-famous “Zwinger”, the Frauenkirche, or the Semper opera.

Nature lovers, find, for instance, one of the most popular cycling routes along the Saxon Wine Route Germany, the “Elberadweg” (River Elbe bike path).
Glittering highlights during your are not only the cultural diversity of Saxony, but also the many small villages in the Zittau Mountains and the picturesque Saxon Switzerland with its unmistakable charm.

Even the campers that choose the Fee State of Saxony for their golf holidays, find more than 50 campsites and to enjoy the centuries old tradition in art and culture of Saxony.

Facts and figures

Population: 4,162,260 inhabitants
Capital: Dresden (517,000 inhabitants)
Number of golf courses: 6 x 9-hole courses, 8x 18-hole courses
Ratio Residents to golf course: 297 305 people per golf course


Dresden Airport ( IATA code DRS
Dresden Airport is an international airport with a connections to both domestic and European regions but also continental integration.

The following cities within Germany have direct connections to Dresden: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hannover, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart.
Important Airports with direct flights to Dresden are: Zurich, Moscow, Milano, London or Vienna.

Leipzig / Halle ( IATA code LEJ

The airport Leipzig / Halle is one of the few German airports that have a Railway train station and directly connected to the network of the German Federal Railway Company.

Domestic destinations include Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich.

Direct flights in Europe go to e.g.: Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Mallorca or Rhodes.

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