Golfen im Saarland

saarlandAs the smallest state (2,568 km ²) of the Federal Republic the Saarland provides many attractions in close proximity for (golf) tourists.

Saarbrücken is the capital and part of the country's four-city Quattropole in the border triangle. It offers a very convenient location to visit culturally interesting cities in Luxembourg, Lorraine and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Escape the hectic pulse of everyday life and enjoy an exciting juxtaposition of contrasts, such as a Mediterranean atmosphere in the idyllic expanse of Bliesgau or walk in the footsteps of history with a visit to the “Völklingen Cottage”, a unique monument of the industrial age (UNESCO World Heritage Site), or just enjoy relaxation, serenity and wellness in one of the numerous Spas and therapeutic treatments.

Once you´ve done that, enjoy for example one of the most beautiful golf courses of the Saarland: the Wendelinus Golf Park, the parkland course with a mountain and forest landscape.

Even the golf-playing camping friend comes with a choice of over 20 campsites at his expense.

Facts and figures

Population: 1.023 million inhabitants
Capital: Saarbrücken (about 176 000 inhabitants)
Number of golf courses: 5x 18-hole courses, 1x 27-hole course
Ratio Residents to golf course: 170 430 people per golf course


Saarbrücken Airport (www. IATA Code: SCN

Saarbrücken Airport is the international airport of the Saarland.
Planes from all major domestic destinations like Munich, Hamburg and Berlin but also from many other European cities such as Stockholm, Vienna, Copenhagen, Luxembourg City or Barcelona have Saarbrücken on their regular flight schedule.

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