rheinlandpfalzNine regions which everyone represents for itself an individual piece of Rhineland-Palatinate disclose to the visitor of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Many regions are marked by the Roman's time and the wine cultivation which produces wines of the highest quality and has protected itself his regular seat among the wine lovers all over the world.

The regions of Ahr, Mosel/Saar/Ruwer and the Pfalz belong absolutely to the best known Wein regions.

For the golf vacationer the greatest choice discloses in Rhineland-Palatinate yet (still) not in golf courses, still these are just the so different regions with his romantic flow valleys of the Mosel, the Saar, or river Nahe, the volcano grounds of the Eifel, or the big woodlands which put out the charm of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Those guests, who eat with pleasure and well, will also find out fast that the kitchen cannot hide her French impact in the southern part of the country.

For many golf vacationers surely a reason to spend a few days in this nice federal state. Camping friends find about 60 camping places in all categories.

Facts and figures:

Capital: Mainz (approx. 196,000 inhabitants)

Number of inhabitants in total: approx. 4 million

Golf courses: approx. 30

Ratio golf course to inhabitant: approx. 133,000 inhabitants per golf course


Frankfurt/Hahn (www.hahn-airport.de) IATA Code: HHN

Rhineland-Palatinate disposes with the airport Frankfurt-Hahn currently only one international airport.
This airport lies centrally and conveniently in the middle of the country, however, may not be mistaken for the airport of the Frankfurt Main (code IATA FFM) which is about 120 km away. Frankfurt/Hahn can be reached at the moment only with coach shuttle from Frankfurt/Main or Darmstadt, or by car, because the railway station to the airport will not be finished before 2010.
Flight connections to foreign countries are operated mainly by Ryan Air who have their central European hub at the airport Frankfurt-Hahn.

From the following domestic airports you can fly to Rhineland-Palatinate (all Ryan Air)

  • Hamburg (Lübeck-Blankensee)

  • Berlin-Schönefeld

From the following, international airports you can fly to Rhineland-Palatinate (all Ryan Air):

  • Stockholm-Skavsta

  • Gothenburg city

  • Oslo-Torp

  • Tampere (Finland)

  • London-Stansted

  • Manchester

  • Edinburgh

Airfields for private planes and/or small business planes can be found at Main-Finthen, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Speyer and Zweibrücken

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