Hotel Villa Marburg offers Indoor Golf Simulator

Villa Logo 4 Sterne superior180pxThe "Hotel Villa Marburg" has recognized the signs of the time and with the beginning of 2013, it has implemented and opened the most advanced indoor golf facility in the Rhine-Main area.




The heart of this system is an ISS golf simulator, representing the most beautiful golf courses in the world with exceptional DGS NL Marburg Schlaganalyserealism and can simulate the ball flying with an unsurpassed precision.

The impact analysis for golf beginners can be used in combination with the computer-controlled swing analysis under the guidance of professional golfers.
Good players and even experienced professionals can use this tournament golf simulator to improve their swing and game decisively.

If you are looking for the ultimate golfing experience ever, then you should play one of the 18 available golf courses from around the world in real HD quality. A total of 9 Rydercup-places is at your disposal.

You can increase this experience only if play with your friends for a bottle of wine and enjoy the cozy atmosphere at the Hotel Villa Marburg with peers understand.

The Indoor Golf Center at a glance:
● pleasant atmosphere
● advanced golf simulator
● Real-image simulation in HD picture quality
● swing analysis
● rental clubs and golf balls are available
● Golf lessons on request
● up to 4 people at the same time competing recordable
● canvas and technology can also be used as a cinema or for product launches
● unique event for birthdays and corporate parties
● as a team building event for seminars

Rent 1 room Hour: 35, - €
Each additional hour: 30, - €
10 Tickets: 290, - €

Recommended times (18 holes)
Person indicative time
1 1 hour
2 2 - 2.5 hours
3 2.5 - 3 hours
4 3 - 3.5 hours

Advance reservations are required!

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