Golfclub of the Month: Panorama Golf Course Passau/Fuerstenzell Bavaria

Panorama_Clublogo_06Germany's first Feng Shui golf course in Fürstenzell near Passau (Bavaria) offers in 2012 an extra special for golfers.

Golfing in YIN and YANG in the Germany-wide (or even worldwide?) only golf course that was designed after the Feng Shui teachings. Truly a golf experience.

In the holistic design of the entire system a harmonious unity of natural and designed landscapes and architecture has been created that have a positive impact on your well-being, energy level and your health. In the 2012 season (the year the water dragon), this course offers even more to the golfers:

With the beginning of the new golf season, the Panorama golf course offers an exotic Extra: a Feng Shui score card with simple Qi Gong exercises for more energy, inner balance and serenity.

The booklet is called "Energy Gas Station 2012". There you find Qi Gong units described which will to contribute (according to the Chinese science of energy) and increase the energy of life.

The exercises are performed at so-called "power spots" which can be found along the 18 holes.

In some places, the exercises support the "energy charge", in other places energy is unloaded (eg the degradation of negative thoughts and stress).

Make your own opinion and expericence yourself the Feng-Shui Golf Course.

For more information simply click this link or visit the website of the Golf Club.




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