North Rhine-Westphalia

nrwGermany state with richest in population (18 million inhabitants) is an "Eldorado" for golfers. More than 150 golf courses, from simple city ranges with “pitch & put” course (e.g., "Konzept-Golf" in Pulheim/Cologne) to Signature Courses designed by famous designer (e.g. “Gut Laerchenhof” with its premium course sketched by Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus) will let the heart of every golfer beat faster.

Due to the high number of golf courses on a relatively small state, numerous golf courses can be reached within less than 30-minute journey.

Despite of many inhabitants (528 inhabitants per km², for comparison: in Bavaria live only 177 inhabitants per km²) North Rhine-Westphalia offers many attractive holiday destinations.

The probably best known holiday region in North Rhine-Westphalia is Sauerland: Woods and lakes stamp the beautyful landscape.

The holiday region „Bergisches Land“ is likely similar: In spite of the name, neither precipitous gradients, nor deep abysses expect the visitor. The highest "peak" is only 500 meters high. The name for the region is descended from the count's gender „from mountain“. The vacationer can expect leisurely hills and meadows as well as luscious pastures.

North Rhine-Westphalia offers a perfect transport connection: more than 2.100 km of highway and nearly 13.000 km of country roads are to be found in no other federal state. Also 8 airports with regular service are available for mold gating into the whole world.

By the way: Especially the Dutch guests appreciate more than 100 camping grounds which are also just a few shots away from splendid fairways.

So, chip off between Dusseldorf and Aachen, between Bonn and Bielefeld. It is worth a visit!

Facts and figures:

Capital: Dusseldorf (approx. 580,000 inhabitants)
Golf courses: 99x 18-hole, 18x 27-hole and 33x 9-hole


Airport of Dusseldorf ( IATA Code: DUS Dusseldorf is the 3rd. largest airport in Germany in terms of pax numbers (approx. 22 million airline passengers per year) and the most important hub for North Rhine-Westphalia. It offers of international mold gating into the whole world.

Dusseldorf is approached, in principle, from all important German airports.

Cologne-Bonn ( IATA Code: CGN

Formerly capital airport of Germany, meanwhile 4th. largest passenger airport in Germany with quite a few Low Cost Airline connections (e.g. Easy-Jet, German Wings, TUI Fly and Air Berlin) and of course with services by Lufthansa and other Nationwide Carrier (e.g., Air France, KLM, SAS etc.). The airport disposes of excellent local traffic connection by an integrated railway station with long-distance services.

Airport Weeze the Lower Rhine ( IATA Code: NRN

This, primarily by Ryan Air approached airport, is situated in the administrative district of Kleve, close to the German/Dutch border. The Irish airline characterizes this airport as "Dusseldorf (Weeze)" and suggests a proximity to the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. The distance to Dusseldorf is actually approx. 70 km. Regional coach lines as well as car hire station on site offer binding possibilities to the most important towns and regions in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Other airports in North Rhine-Westphalia are:
Münster / Osnabrück (IATA Code: FMO)
Dortmund (IATA Code: DTM)
Essen/Mühlheim (IATA Code: ESS)
Siegerland (IATA Code: SGE)
Paderborn / Lippstadt (IATA Code: PAD)

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