Lower Saxony

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Lower Saxony offers golfers and holidaymakers over 80 golf courses that are not only among the most beautiful in northern
Germany, but many of which have received multiple awards for their quality and environmental friendliness. Numerous
hotels and restaurants with special charm as well as absolutely top-flight golf professionals complete the picture of what
a golf holiday in Lower Saxony has to offer. A golf holiday in Niedersachsen is distinguished by more than 80 of the nicest golf courses and golf clubs in northern Germany, hotels and restaurants with a special charm as well as Germany's
best golf pros. Based on the many offers off the fairways and greens, a stay can also be perfectly combined with city trips,
family excursions or wellness holidays.

Starterhaus 180pxBegin your golf vacation, e.g. in East Friesland, the country behind the dike, hideaway of the famous pirate Klaus Störtebecker, with in Dutch seeming towns and the highest tea consumption of the federal republic.

To the south of East Friesland the Emsland stretches down on the Dutch border, which was still inaccessible 100 years ago in wide shares: Next to it: the Oldenburger Münsterland, once a poor farm country has yet developed to an impressive golf region - in good neighborhood to Osnabrück, the town of the Westphalian peace in the Teutoburger Forest.
From the old principality Schaumburg-Lippe, to the rat-catcher's town of Hameln stretches the Weser mountainous country to Hannoversch Münden.
The legends and stories around the German fairy tale flow have written down by the brothers Grimm in Goettingen. cHeinrichHecht Keilerkopf 2009 180px
In immediate neighborhood to Goettingen is the Golfresort Hardenberg which possesses the probably most stunning golf hole on a german course, as one of their island green on the "Niedersachsen Course" is shaped as a wild boar head, the crest of the Hardenberg Dynasty. Â

From witches the stories act in the Harz, the mountains of Lower Saxony. Where once German emperors were founded a Kaiserpfalz, now half-timbered towns and magic woods draw the tourists attention.
Beyond that the Lüneburger Heath landscape is situated. Eponym of the town Lüneburg, that became rich in the Middle Ages with trading the "white gold": salt.
Discovered only 100 years ago as a recreation area, the heath area lay long apart on the border to the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) and remained till this day sandy, idyllic and full of solitude.
Meanwhile the "Lüneburger Heide" (heath area) is now one of the most popular regions for golf vacation in Germany.

The tour continues with the small federal state of Bremen which is right in the mid-west of Lower Saxony. Back over the river Weser to the university town Oldenburg.
The so called region "Oldenburger Land" reaches from the Münsterland to Wilhelmshaven, the biggest harbour of the country.

The 30 partners within our cooperation are located in all Regions of Lower Saxony and offer you ideal conditions for a pleasant and relaxing (golf) holiday between the North Sea and resin.

We look forward to welcome you in Niedersachsen!




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