Golfing in Brandenburg

brandenburgBrandenburg has about 300 naturally formed lakes and 33.000 km of rivers or creeks. This makes brings it to the federal state with the most water resources.

Whether you take on a sailing trip the control into your own hand, or when fishing a big fish out of the water, or simply to let the passenger boats on the lakes and rivers glide through the landscape, Brandenburg keeps nature lovers ready for several opportunities.

Especially interesting for golfers: located right at the Scharmützelsee is the Arosa Resort, one of Germany's largest golf resorts. With its Nick Faldo Course you also find the probably most difficult golf course in the Republic.

With the federal capital Berlin "on the doorstep", Brandenburg can come up with other famous golf courses and golf resorts that are recognized as "Berliner Golf Clubs", however, is on the Brandenburg region.
These include, for example, next to the AROSA Resort, the Golf Resort Semlin am See.

The Spreewald offers a unique nature reserve in Europe (UNESCO Biosphere Heritage since 1991) with more than 300 poor water and 276 km of passable waterways a river landscape, which is worth exploring with the "Spreewald Kahn” (small boat).
Another tourist attraction is the annual blossoming festival in Werder which attracts over 500.000 p.a. and is one of the largest folk festivals in Germany. It will make your golf vacation a memorable experience.

"Classical fans” among the golfers come at their expens with the Potsdam Castle Night "in the Sanssouci Park with baroque costumes and classical music festivals in the beautiful park of Sanssouci Palace (UNESCO world heritage site).

Those of you who want to spend their golf vacation in a mobile home or caravan find over 100 camping sites with certainly the right offer.

Facts and figures

Population: 2.51 million inhabitants

Capital: Potsdam (about 155 000 inhabitants)

Number of golf courses: 4x 9-hole courses, 15x 18-hole courses, 1x 27-hole course
Ratio Residents to golf course: approx. 125.000 inhabitants per golf course


Airport Berlin-Schönefeld ( IATA Code: SXF
The airport Berlin-Schönefeld offers a large number of flights and routes within Germany, such as Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne as well as to the capitals of Europe such as London, Madrid, Zurich and Moscow.
Other airports are Cottbus-Drewitz and Neuhardenberg, which are used for business and for private aviation.

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