Golfing in Baden-Wuerttemberg

badenwuerttembergTradition and progress, attached to their native soil, cosmopolitanism, economic dynamism and human cooperation - in Baden-Wuerttemberg this are no contrasts, but concepts which belong to each other and put out the character of the country and his people.

Baden-Wurettemberg belongs for a long time to a region with above-average economic growth. It distinguishes itself by a high standard of living.

A diverse topography (e.g., the Black Forest, Lake of Konstanz and the Swabian Alp) with lots of nature and excellent environmental values as well as a lively, international art scene and cultural scene are typical for the country and put out the special charm of this federal state. Bye the way: Gourmets among the golfers find a huge number of highly decorated restaurants. No other federal state reach up to so many Michelin stars & Varta bonnets restaurants like Baden-Wuerttemberg. The Swabians are called in vernacular the "Scots of Germany", because they are known for their thrift. This is definitively not effecting the golf course construction and quality.

More than 80 golf courses, some with international fame (e.g., St Leon Rot or Schloss Nippenburg), offer a choice for every taste and purse to all gulf enthusiasts.

Concerning cost savings:: If you plan to spend the golf vacation with your own caravan, you can choose your place from more than 120 camping sites.

Facts and figures

Number of inhabitants: 10.8 million

Capitals: Stuttgart (about 600,000 inhabitants)

Golf courses: 59x 18-hole, 7x 27-hole and 16x 9-hole

Ratio golf course to inhabitant: about 132,000 inhabitants per golf course


Airport of Stuttgart ( IATA Code: STR

The airport of Stuttgart is the main airport of Baden-Wurttemberg. Due to his central location in the heart of 3rd. biggest federal state, it can be reached from maximum 2 to 2 ½ hours.

Stuttgart is connected to domestic airports via Lufthansa, GermanWings, TUIFly and Air Berlin from all larger airports. Guests from Scandinavia can fly to Stuttgart with the following Low Cost Carrier: From Stockholm with German Wings, Air Berlin and TUIFly. Gothenburg (city airport) via Air Berlin. Copenhagen via Air Berlin. Helsinki via Air Berlin

From Great Britain:

London-Stansted with Air Berlin and GermanWings. Manchester with TUIFly

From the Netherlands:

Amsterdam (KLM)

Airport of Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden ( IATA Code: FKB This airport lies in the northwestern part of Baden-Wurttemberg and is suitable in particular for golf vacationers who would like to remain in this region and plan if necessary a small "excursion" the region close to the border to France. There are domestic flight to Karlsruhe, e.g. to Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg with Air Berlin.

International connections with Low Cost Carrier exist as follows:

  • Stockholm with Ryan Air (Skvasta) and air Berlin (Arlanda)
  • Goteborg (city airport) with Air Berlin
  • Copenhagen with Air Berlin
  • Helsinki with Air Berlin
  • London-Stansted with Ryan Air
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